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Jiangsu Jianghao Generator Co., Ltd
맞춤 제조업체
주요 제품:디젤 발전기/해양 발전기/침묵 발전기/가솔린 발전기, 분배 캐비닛
No. 2 디젤 발전기 부문 베스트셀러Years in industry(14)Competitive OEM factoryFull customizationOn-site material inspection
Jiangsu Jianghao Generator Co., LTD is a company concentrating on the research,producation and service of high quality Diesel and Gas Generator set.Our company locate in Peking Opera master mei lanfang's hometown -- taizhou. Taizhou City is in the north of Jiangyin city, west of Nantong City, close to Shanghai port.
Power of our generator from 3KW to 3000KW, covering various uses.Types include silent type, container type, mobile power station type, automation type, Multiple Parallel Type, remote centralized monitoring type, etc. Generators are widely used in mines, communications, army, ports, highway, railway, hotels etc,which is ideal emergency standby equipment. Jianghao establishs good reputation in clients by convincing quality and service in diesel generator set industry, and products are exported to many countries and regions.
Jiangsu Jianghao Generator Co, Ltd was founded in 2010, we are professional factory to make various diesel generators and gas generators. Our mission is to provide best service to our customers and concentrate on building a long-term partnership with our customers which leading us to create a win-win situation. We are committed to putting our customers as the first priority, by providing high quality products, integrity, honesty and accountability in our worldwide business.
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